Real Resolutions: You 2.0

Pshh, New Years resolutions are so 2102 😛  let’s start making DAILY RESOLUTIONS!

Daily affirmations and positivity practice have changed my life; Enhanced my contentment, motivation, passion, compassion, spirituality, drive, confidence, my overall sense of well-being.

EVERYDAY make a resolution, that TODAY will be AWESOME. That YOU are a KICK ASS PERSON! An alive, breathing, incredible HUMAN BEING! YOU are the author to your own novel; your precious life.

Simple practices such as daily affirmations and positivity may seem silly… they can seem…well, too simple! But man have I learned in life that often simple things are the most POWERFUL! Reminding yourself what you are deeply grateful for, cultivating positivity, visualizing your goals, your true self, your desires and your aspirations through verbal and visual affirmations is a way to communicate with your subconscious mind.

Allowing the subconscious to know what we want to become and what we are grateful for, will facilitate a transformational shift and a manifestation of our deepest desires.

I have been striving to practice positive thinking and affirmations and they undoubtedly work for me…of course sometimes I still get in slumps and fall out of a positive, encouraging mindset. I have recently been in one… feelings of sadness, a loss of direction and motivation had been encumbering me… But I spent time searching, meditating on WHY  I was feeling this way and how I should deal with these negative emotions. Instead of simply ignoring the feelings and letting them sit below the surface of my consciousness, where they will still affect me. I then switched my focus back on the positives, on what I’m grateful for, on what I want, on the PRESENT MOMENT and on daily affirmations, and now I’m  getting back on track 🙂

Imagine your thoughts as another person, hanging out with you all the time.

If you had someone everyday whispering in your ear… “You’re not good enough, you are ugly, you will never find you niche.” It would surely limit your potential for growth; make you believe these statements to be true when in reality they are far from that!

 I’d much rather have a person hanging around giving me encouragement. “YOUR’E A GREAT PERSON! UNIQUE! SMART! ATTRACTIVE, INSIDE AND OUT!Not in an egotistical way, but an encouraging way.


The encouraging friend would serve as a catalyst for the improvement of our life. They would help us to align with our inner truth, our inner values, our deepest desires and to learn to love ourselves for who we are. Furthermore, when we learn to love and accept ourselves we can more intimately love and accept others.

Let us use daily affirmations. When we wake up, throughout the day, before sleep. Post them on our mirrors. Look deep into our eyes in a mirror and repeat affirmations in a passionate and meaningful manner! PUMP OURSELVES UP!!

Your affirmations may sounds something like these..







(remember to focus what we wantnot what we don’t want; for example. “I AM CONFIDENT!” rather than, “I DON’T WANT TO BE SHY!” Our subconscious will still recognize the word “shy.” If we want to become more confident we must make ourselves believe we ARE confident; shyness can’t even be in the picture. Then, we can TRULY become more confident.

An exercise to further enhance positivity is simply taking a couple minutes each day to deeply meditate on what you are grateful for.

Incorporating affirmations and positivity practice will allow us to become the better version of ourselves; Enhancing contentment, motivation, passion, compassion, drive, confidence and overall sense of well-being!

It’s time to get back on track, feel free to join me 🙂


With Love,


6 thoughts on “Real Resolutions: You 2.0

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  4. Unexpected things happen — that is part of life. And they usually don’t happen at a convenient time. After all, is any time truly “convenient” for something difficult to occur? Flexibility is a powerful life lesson to learn, but an essential one. As I always say, we can’t control everything that happens to us. But we CAN control our reaction to it. And it’s important to keep our perspective on these occurrences. A blown tire is an inconvenience to deal with, but the bottom line was that my daughter was safe and unharmed. From that perspective, it is easier to let these happenings go and to move back into the more harmonious flow of life.

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