Clay as Medicine

Geophagy: The consumption of soil, ground up rock, termite-mound earth, clay and dirt.

Clay is an extremely effective medicine; it is especially efficient at removing toxins from the body. In turn increasing overall health and vitality.

History of the Human use of Clay

Clays have long been used as a detoxifying substance in traditional medicine as well as in food preparation. (Engel, 2003)

Humans have been eating earth for at least forty thousand years and still occurs regularly among contemporary indigenous peoples, including the Aboriginals of Australia and the traditional peoples of East Africa and China, as well as in the West.
(Abrahams and Parsons, 1996)

Members of the Ottomac tribe along the Orioco valley in South America regularly consumed clay in large quantities, sometimes half a pound at a time! (Abrahams and Parsons,1996)

The Indians of the American southwest combine clay with wild potatoes to remove the toxic alkaloids, the aborigines of Australia use clay to remove the bitter taste of alkaloids from roots of the haemodorum species. (Engel, 2003)

Animals and Clay

Why is animal behavior important? Animals are similar to us physiologically and behaviorally. Therefore, studying them can allow us to learn more about ourselves.

Mammals, birds, reptiles and invertebrates have been observed eating dirt on every continent except Antarctica. (Which makes sense because of the shortage of exposed earth)  (Engel, 2003)

Some animals do eat earth to obtain minerals such as salt (sodium chloride) lime (calcium carbonate) copper, iron and zinc. And sometimes they need these theses minerals for detoxifying foodstuffs. But Current research shows that often geophagy is performed as a self-medication practice.

Additions of bentonite clay improve food intake, feed-conversion efficiency and absorption patterns in domestic cattle by 10-20 percent. Clay fed cattle suffer less diarrhea (natural response of body to rid of toxins) and fewer gastrointestinal ailments than other cattle. In Venezuela, free ranging cattle help themselves to clay by digging out and licking at subsoils. (Kruelen, 1985)

Mountain gorillas in the Virguna Mountains of Rwanda eat volcanic rock. They were found to be much more likely to eat this earth during the dry season when their diet changed dramatically to bamboo, Lobelia and Senecio plants which all contain more toxic plant secondary compounds then their usual diet. Along with this change in diet came an increase in diarrhea. This consumption of earth is suggested to be a response to the seasonal change in diet. It turns out that this earth has a clay content of up to 15% Halloysite and is the type of clay found in the subsoil eaten by these gorillas. This specific clay is very similar to kaolinite the principle ingredient in Kaopectate, a pharmaceutical commonly used to soothe human gastric ailments. (Schaller, 1964); (Fossey, 1983).

Wild chimpanzees at Mahale in Tanzania take regular mouthfuls of termite mound soil and sub soils. When studying the health of these chimps scientist found that they we all suffering from diarrhea and other signs of gastrointestinal upset. The termite mound soil they are eating happens to be high in clay, around 30%. And is the same sort of clay eaten by the mountain gorillas. The termite mound soils appear to be a source of soothing medicine, used by chimps, giraffes, elephants, monkey and rhinoceroses. Many human populations also eat termite mound soils when the have diarrhea such as the Australian Aborigines. (Mahaney et al., 2000)

In the rain forests of the Central African Republic forest elephants regularly feed on high clay content earth. These elephants feed primarily on leaves all year round expect for the month of September when ripening fruit is very abundant so they eat primarily fruit. Leave generally contain secondary compounds designed to deter herbivores from feeding on them. The only month in which the elephants reduce there visits to the clay sites is during this fruit eating month of September. (Klaus et al., 1998)

James Gilardi and a team of scientists proved that Macaws eat clay in order to deactivate plant toxins. They found the seeds macaws eat contained toxic plant alkaloids. They feed one group of macaws a mixture harmless plant alkaloid (quinidine) plus clay and another group was feed just the alkaloid. Several hours later, the macaws that had eaten the clay had 60 percent less alkaloid in their blood than the group that did not eat the clay. (Gilardi et al., 1999)

When rats are fed the lethal pesticide paraquat, they eat montmorillonite clay (fuller’s earth) which adsorbs the poison. Posined rats that are denied access to clay do not survive. (Engel, 2003)

Side note: When behavioral responses to toxins are better understood we may be able to use the frequency of animal self-medication as an indicator of pollution in an ecosystem.

How Clay Works

The specific structure of clay allows it to bind to other molecules so effectively. Two or more miner-oxide layers lie in parallel. (Engel, 2003)

In the body toxins are deactivated by binding to clay particles, which are then excreted via feces. (Engel, 2003)

Clays can bind mycotoxins (fungal toxins) endotoxins (internal toxins) man-made chemicals and bacteria. They also protect the gut lining acting as an antacid and absorbing excess fluids. (Engel, 2003)

Taken orally, bentonite clay is used to detoxify the digestive system, eliminate intestinal parasites, strengthen the immune system, and fight free radicals. It also helps remove heavy metals from the body and assists in the process of liver detoxification.

Bentonite clay is created naturally from the combination of volcanic ash minerals called montmorillonite and ocean water.


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How to Cure Acne Naturally

Acne can be a terribly frustrating problem. Fortunately, there are many natural and holistic ways to control it.

In this video I share with you things I did to help treat my aggressive acne naturally.

Natural soap, bentonite clay, tea tree oil, sleeping on my back, and meditation have all helped me greatly decrease the severity of my acne.

What has helped you??

Health Benefits of Kale

Kale is low in calories, high in fiber and has no fat.

Kale is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, packed with Iron, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, sulfur, vitamin K, A and C.

How has kale helped you? What ways do you enjoy consuming this beautiful food?

Green Banana Berry Coconut Super Smoothie

Hello friends!

Our body is a precious gift, our sanctuary! Let us treat it the best we can.

What better way to show gratitude for being alive, or to thank (insert preferred word here) i.e The Universe, God, Allah, Nature, etc – for being alive, than to treat your body with care and respect?!

This Super Smoothie is DELICIOUS and VERY nutritious.

Try it out!

10 oz spring water (or the best water you can obtain)

Large handful of spinach

1 1/2 frozen bananas

Handful of frozen berries of choice

Scoop of all natural whey powder ( you can use any kind of protein powder, sun warrior brown rice protein, hemp protein powder etc. try to find the most clean and natural ones you can)

Big tbsp of coconut oil

2 tbsp of chia gel (chia seeds soaked in water)

Blend and ENJOY 🙂

I topped mine with some fresh blueberries, FOOD IS ART!

Experiment with these ingredients! Tweak it to your preference. This is a good starting point to perfect your own version 🙂

green smoothie

Creamy Peanut Butter and Vanilla Super Shake

Hello friends!

I hope your enjoying the day. Isn’t life amazing? What a gift to be ALIVE. To be able to perceive this beautiful world!

I believe it is so very important to treat our bodies well. To nourish them with the best fuel we can if we have the means to. How incredible that we can taste, smell, see, feel and ENJOY our life force; food and drink! Eating and drinking are sacred!

After my workout today I whipped up this shake for recovery and a meal. I LOVE peanut butter, so if you do to I’m sure you will really enjoy this 🙂


4 oz almond milk

3 tbsp of all natural peanut butter (JUST PEANUTS!)

Scoop of all natural whey powder

Heaping tbsp of coconut oil

2 tbsp chia gel (chia seeds soaked in water)

1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract

1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon

Any natural sweetener to taste (honey, stevia etc)

Pinch of sea salt

I then crushed up some almonds and mixed them in and put them on top. I enjoyed the crunch with the smooth creamy texture of the shake.

I encourage you to tweak this to your preference! Want it less think? add more almond milk or water. Don’t need it as a meal replacement? add less coconut oil or peanut butter. Don’t like sweeteners? omit the natural sweetener. Don’t like using animal products? try out other kinds of protein powders; There are so many! Brown rice protein powder (sun warrior is excellent) hemp protein powders, nut protein powders etc. EXPERIMENT!

Rule of thumb; you can always add more! but you can’t take away! i.e start with a small amount of, or no sweetener, then add accordingly.

Drink this slowly and mindfully! Savor the textures, flavors and nourishment.

Try your best to incorporate the most natural ingredients you can.


Much Love,


Real Resolutions: You 2.0

Pshh, New Years resolutions are so 2102 😛  let’s start making DAILY RESOLUTIONS!

Daily affirmations and positivity practice have changed my life; Enhanced my contentment, motivation, passion, compassion, spirituality, drive, confidence, my overall sense of well-being.

EVERYDAY make a resolution, that TODAY will be AWESOME. That YOU are a KICK ASS PERSON! An alive, breathing, incredible HUMAN BEING! YOU are the author to your own novel; your precious life.

Simple practices such as daily affirmations and positivity may seem silly… they can seem…well, too simple! But man have I learned in life that often simple things are the most POWERFUL! Reminding yourself what you are deeply grateful for, cultivating positivity, visualizing your goals, your true self, your desires and your aspirations through verbal and visual affirmations is a way to communicate with your subconscious mind.

Allowing the subconscious to know what we want to become and what we are grateful for, will facilitate a transformational shift and a manifestation of our deepest desires.

I have been striving to practice positive thinking and affirmations and they undoubtedly work for me…of course sometimes I still get in slumps and fall out of a positive, encouraging mindset. I have recently been in one… feelings of sadness, a loss of direction and motivation had been encumbering me… But I spent time searching, meditating on WHY  I was feeling this way and how I should deal with these negative emotions. Instead of simply ignoring the feelings and letting them sit below the surface of my consciousness, where they will still affect me. I then switched my focus back on the positives, on what I’m grateful for, on what I want, on the PRESENT MOMENT and on daily affirmations, and now I’m  getting back on track 🙂

Imagine your thoughts as another person, hanging out with you all the time.

If you had someone everyday whispering in your ear… “You’re not good enough, you are ugly, you will never find you niche.” It would surely limit your potential for growth; make you believe these statements to be true when in reality they are far from that!

 I’d much rather have a person hanging around giving me encouragement. “YOUR’E A GREAT PERSON! UNIQUE! SMART! ATTRACTIVE, INSIDE AND OUT!Not in an egotistical way, but an encouraging way.


The encouraging friend would serve as a catalyst for the improvement of our life. They would help us to align with our inner truth, our inner values, our deepest desires and to learn to love ourselves for who we are. Furthermore, when we learn to love and accept ourselves we can more intimately love and accept others.

Let us use daily affirmations. When we wake up, throughout the day, before sleep. Post them on our mirrors. Look deep into our eyes in a mirror and repeat affirmations in a passionate and meaningful manner! PUMP OURSELVES UP!!

Your affirmations may sounds something like these..







(remember to focus what we wantnot what we don’t want; for example. “I AM CONFIDENT!” rather than, “I DON’T WANT TO BE SHY!” Our subconscious will still recognize the word “shy.” If we want to become more confident we must make ourselves believe we ARE confident; shyness can’t even be in the picture. Then, we can TRULY become more confident.

An exercise to further enhance positivity is simply taking a couple minutes each day to deeply meditate on what you are grateful for.

Incorporating affirmations and positivity practice will allow us to become the better version of ourselves; Enhancing contentment, motivation, passion, compassion, drive, confidence and overall sense of well-being!

It’s time to get back on track, feel free to join me 🙂


With Love,


How to Raise Consciousness and Enhance Harmony

The world as we “know” it is only a description of the world. Therefore, when it comes to beliefs, arguments etc. it’s essential to know that no one is right or wrong, and that we are all viewing and perceiving this world differently!

Having a dogmatic, fixed belief or explanation of the world will limit our ability to greater understand this beautifully mysterious Universe. Being open to others perceptions will bring a new light to our view of the world and allow us to learn things we never knew we could learn or thought we even wanted to learn!

Implementing this concept into our lives will allows us to facilitate the cultivation of LOVE and to create harmony amongst ourselves, others and the world around us.

– I do not own the pictures or music in this video –

With Love,


How to Cure a Sinus Infection Naturally

Tea Tree oil has amazing antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties which makes it great for treating sinus infections!

If you have a sinus infection or believe you have one, try boiling water in a pot and putting tea tree oil in the water. Put your head over the pot and cover your head with a towel. Breath deeply through the nose for 5-10 minutes. Do this for 1-2 weeks everyday. Also dab cotton swaps with the oil and rub it in your nostrils. The neti-pot will also help cleanse your nasal cavities!

It’s important for us to strive to incorporate a healthy lifestyle along with natural remedies to ensure prevention and/or speedy recovery from an imbalance.

With Love,

An Analogy of Death

When Death is not viewed as negative or formidable it allows us to live more passionately and vibrantly. Though it is the unknown, it’s comforting to remember it is change, a new beginning and when Death taps us, we become even more connected with this vast, awesome, beautiful and mysterious Universe.

With Love,


Carlos Castaneda: The Teachings of Don Juan

I talk about one of my favorite books, and share my insight on it.

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think?

With Love